Early Recovery, livelihood and cash for work projects:

Within EPDC framework of the humanitarian response plan of the Syrian crisis, EPDC implements many projects which aims at strengthening the resilience, maintaining livelihoods and providing opportunities for income generation, capacity building and skills development.



Quilt & Pillows

Waste Management

Bayt Almawni Almaelulii

Vocational training

  • My Hand is Manufacturing “my hand tasnaa” Project

The idea of the project is to establish a carpentry workshop and support it with production lines. In addition to provide permanent job opportunities for 12 beneficiaries, and train 25 beneficiaries and distributing tool kits to them at the end of the training; so that they can start new life without waiting for assistance.

  • My Career is My Life : “Beit Al – Mamouna Al Maalouli” Project

Rural Damascus – Maaloula

A social service project aimed at empowering women and improving their standard of living, providing job opportunities and income for workers from both gender so that they can secure the necessities of their daily life and stay in their land. After the armed groups left Maaloula town, this town faced a new reality, which was a severe destruction of public and private properties and the loss of their sources of livelihood.

Cash For Work

  • Solid Waste Management Projects
    The project is based on concept of “Cash for Work” by employ people of the most vulnerable and war-affected who are living in Jaramana, in the process of collecting and transporting solid waste from the town, which contributes to improving their livelihoods.

Capacity Building Programs

Vocational Training Project:

The Committee is also concerned with women in general    and mothers in particular, and held special training courses for them in sewing, crochet and different domestic skills.

  • Training courses

The objective of FSC(FIRST STEP CENTER) projects is to benefit the youth and young people through:

  • Vocational training programs
  • Training on Life Skills program
  • Providing opportunities for young people and youth to propose, plan and
  • implement community initiatives
  • Training young people to become trainers of Life-Skills-Based Education

Education Programs

EPDC has implemented supported courses for preparatory and secondary levels students who are affected by security situations and military operations to avoid missing the opportunity of continuing their education.
Remedial courses
Baccalaureate students
Dropout students

The Department of Education and Capacity Building of the Commission supported many educational courses for free for students of secondary and secondary education in Damascus and its countryside as well as for some who were suffering from recent events in the country, which led to some of them out of school.

EPDC organizes free courses in a network of institutes in different regions of Damascus and Rural Damascus for easy selection of students to the Institute closest to their area.

EPDC – Aleppo has targeted students on the 9th grade and baccalaureate with remedial courses in all subject materials for those who obliged to leave the school for  different reasons.

“My Dream Is in My Hand”: a project in AL-HASSAKEH targeted children who are out of school and dropped out children to continue their education with the help of EPDC.

-Emergency response for adolescents and youth from East Ghouta to collective shelters”

Dweir Pioneer camp shelter  – Electricity institute shelter  – Fayhaa Alsham shelter

basic life skills sessions –  engagement activities – adolescents and youth  LED initiatives

-Child Friendly Space

Child Friendly Space center working with IDPs children in three main sectors:

Psychological support, recreational and creative activities, and informal education to go back with children to their childhood.
Learning joy and activity are our tools to help children to attain the appropriate educational and social knowledge according to their ages.

Child Friendly Space in Jaramana – Rural Damascus

Child Friendly Space in Arbin – Eastern Ghouta – Rural Damascus