A book holds a house of gold

Reading is a hobby that develops personality, enriches thought and stretches thinking. Within the line to encourage this hobby, the Child Friendly Space (CFS) at First Step Center in Erbin has revived the reading corner with different and international fiction stories, in addition to scientific and educational books that suites different age groups of children at the center.

This contribution came to highlight the importance of books for the children and how they expand their perceptions with a priceless investment in their time. On the other part of the CFS, the various activities of drawings and educational and recreational games continue on a daily basis.


Open day at the “First Step Center – Bloudan”

With the aim of introducing interactive educational technologies and employing them in building up micro-projects and service applications, the “First Step Center – Bloudan” in cooperation with the Syrian Information Society organized an open day event that included many activities aimed at teaching children and young people on how to install an electronic circuit in a way commensurate with their age group, the basic concepts of programing and logic, how to use the Ordino Panel and the building of applications and technical projects in addition to the presentation of basic concepts in computer science without the need to use the computer itself in a funny and wonderful dialogue way.